UI Builder Error - Logic section - Error

Application ID: 24792F64-AE63-C78C-FF20-8155D97BAD00

Cannot read properties of null (reading 'forEach')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'forEach')
    at e.value (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/9054.f08b2b6e.js:2:36509)
    at https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/8409.c8ff5e93.js:1:142732
    at el (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6040921)
    at nl (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6041117)
    at Sc (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6060671)
    at https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6060158
    at Ec (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6060223)
    at lc (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6053979)
    at Gr (https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:5994722)
    at https://develop.backendless.com/static/js/bundle.f00d7016.js:2:6051380

Problem description

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Steps to reproduce

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  1. Was in the Components section
  2. Moved to the Logic section
  3. Received an error

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hello @Darren_Klein

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.

Sorry but I am not able to reproduce the issue with your steps, maybe there are some additional steps? Or you can record a screencast?

Hi, Sergey. There could have been. That is what I recall. I have not experienced the issue again. If I do, I’ll update the ticket. Thank you for reaching out.