UI Builder integration into an existing app

Hi Backendless. I have an existing native iOS and Android application which uses Backendless for the backend. I have been asked to add a chat function to this app for both the iOS version and the Android version.

If I follow the Chatly codeless / Userinterface blueprint is it possible to copy the front end user interface and the codeless logic to an existing app built in Xcode / Android Studio? Forgive me I am new to the codeless approach and not sure what is possible. So you would end up with an app which is partly built with native code and partly using the new features of backendless UI Builder. Is this even possible?!

Or am I better following something I am much more familiar with - How to Create a Chat App that Supports Images | Backendless MBaaS by Olha Danylova and then making the Android equivalent?


Hello @mike-turner

We do not have the possibility of this type of migration.
The maximum that you can, adopt the approach of logic written in the codeless for the “Chatly” blueprint.


Hi Mike,

To add to what Viktor said, the Chatly blueprint is a UI Builder app, it produces an HTML/JS/CSS solution and thus embedding it into a native XCode app would be possible only by injecting a WebView into your app. So technically it is possible, but I am not sure if this is something you’d want.


Thanks Mark and Viktor. OK sure, this time I will stick with native code and follow the Olha tutorial for iOS. If I have a problem with Android equivalent I will reach out. Thanks for your help guys.