UI Builder loading time

I have completed my web app in UI Builder and I am very happy with it.

As it is a complex app, it takes some time to load, which is normal.

What are the best practice actions to speed up loading time to the extent possible in UI Builder? eg. cache, event handlers, how to decide what to load on page load or what to load later?


I do a data retrieval and a loop on page load (approx 20 objects in the loop)

The only optimization I noticed is getting rid of the following loop:

The list you create there can be created when you iterate over the elements of the collection returned from the server.

Thanks @mark-piller , makes sense. So there is no reason to use Cache? Or any reason to do this after the page loads?

It is hard for me to make a recommendation for using cache since I do not know the requirements of the project. If the dash objects do not change, then of course it makes sense to put them into Cache and load from there. Retrieving data from cache is always faster then from the database.

Thanks, I understand. I will try to put objects that do not change in Cache