UI Builder not publishing all styles required

Good Day all,

When using the flutter Shell in the pubspec.yaml file there are various styles that are listed. My problem is that when i publish the app to the web root and zip it for incorporation into the flutter shell, the verious styles required are not zipped with it. this is not an issue for the fonts as i can easily add them the issue comes in when i have used backendless icons and images.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

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Thanks for the information.
We will investigate the issue. Maybe the problem is in the Flutter-based mobile app shell.
I’ve create the inner task [BKNDLSS-28495]. We will post here about the progress.

Could you provide more information about the structure of you app (especially about where the styles reside). This will help us find the problem faster.

Hi @Raymond_Woodley

Please provide us additional details about your files structure because without that we can not start investigating the issue.