UI Builder 'send email' block. Not sending

backendless ID 45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000

v 6.6.1

cloud 99 EU Cluster

test page - 0testEmail
I’ve tried the bare bones logic here but not response.

I have been using a reuseable component ‘selectUserRoleKitchen’ in another page where I first noticed the problem of emails not being sent.
Reusable Components
I’ve check email settings and they look ok.
I’ve tested sending email from the email used in backendless and it work.

Hi, @Paul_HIllen

Please, check the message status after the email was sent:

Get Message Status - Backendless REST API Documentation

There is an issue with your SMTP.

    "sendingTimeInMillis": null,
    "failedSendsAmount": null,
    "errorMessage": "535 5.7.8 Error: authentication failed: UGFzc3dvcmQ6\n",
    "messageId": "mail:B7CF1F21-4544-C374-FFD0-D8BF98CEA500",
    "successfulSendsAmount": null,
    "status": "failed"

You can try to test your email settings in the Emails section by clicking the ‘test’ button. All futher action should be done in your email account.


Thanks Marina, I forgot I had to change password with hosting privider.

How do I get the ‘send email’ ID for ‘Get Message Status’ block?


Currently, if you need to check the status of an email in the UI-Builder, you have to use a workaround as there is no checkbox to return the result. I created an internal ticket to add it. At the moment you can use the following logic to check the status of the message:

Logic from my custom code block:

return await Backendless.Messaging.sendEmail(subject, new Backendless.Bodyparts({ textmessage: body }), [recipient]);

The response will be visible in console log.


Thanks Marina for work around…but I get a ‘mail:XXXX…’ for good and bad responses.

…It’s OK, I see now, backendless sends and email. Makes more sense. Thanks

Hi Marina, I’m using HTML in subject and email body. Could you suggest new logic please?

Hello, @Paul_HIllen.

You can try this: Send Basic Emails API - Backendless SDK for JavaScript API Documentation

Best Regards, Nikita.