UI Builder table relation

I need guidance to make the relationship between tables in UI Builder. I want to bring data in a form from the relationship between the tables. Can you help me?


Let’s add more details. For example, please specify:

  1. Names of the tables
  2. Name of the relation column
  3. What exactly should the form show? Use an example (possibly with screenshots) referencing table data.


I have two tables:

  1. “Street” with the fields: ‘name’, ‘neighborhood’, ‘area’
  2. “neighborhood” with the fields: ‘name’, ‘area’
    I want that when I want to create a new street object and reach the “neighborhood” field in the form to display (with autocomplete) the list of available neighborhoods to select them, and after I have selected them to bring me the “area” the neighborhood selected in the field ‘area’ in the form of streets. Of course I can save them in the ‘streets’ table
    Thanks for your help

Hi Horea,

This is a great question. Let me put together a quick example and I will share the details. It should not take much time.


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Here’s a little demo for you:

This is how it works:

Table Address:

Table Neighbourhood:

Populating the drop-down component with data:

Data binding for the Street Address input:
UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2020-07-20 11-39-49

Data binding for the Neighbourhood drop-down component:
UI Builder - ConsoleDemo - Backendless 2020-07-20 11-40-21

Now, here’s the logic for the button to save everything in the database:

Hope this helps!


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I don’t want to sound insensitive to you, but where is the “area” that I should take from the “neighborhood” to the street?
Thank you again