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Hi, I’ve being trying to follow the video in Previewing And Publishing Your Codeless UI App under the following url

Expected Behavior

In the video, it is shown that we only need to select the respective Table name and preview the page.
The data of the respective table should be displayed in the preview page.

Actual Behavior

No data is displayed although the table is populated with data.
Can only see

Hi @Francis_Thong,

Could you please provide the link of the actual video? The link in your post has multiple…



Based on your description, I assume you’re asking about the following:

This is just a guess. I apologize if I am wrong, in that case, please provide more details.


Hi @mark-piller, i’m facing the same issue as well.
I’ve added the DataTable component and then selected a Table.

But, nothing gets displayed, not even an empty table.

Is there anything else we need to do, to bring in the data from the table to the UI ?

Hi @Shrey,

Please let me know your application ID and the name of the table you selected.


APP ID: 33D767CD-2B11-2F02-FF62-61C04C177900
Table: City

By the way, while fiddling around, i just set the concerned page as the ‘Main Page’ and then previewed my app.
Now the data is visible.

I connected to your app, opened the page with DataTable by clicking this:

And the data opens up just fine. You do not need to set it as main page - simply use the Preview button.

This is how i’ve been trying earlier.
And all that was opening was a blank page.

I see. Let us look into it.

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Also, there was no “Main Page” set earlier.
Could that have been a contributing factor?

I created a new page in your app called TestPageWithTable and connected it with the City table. The page is not set up as main page and it works just fine:

You can try running it and see it for yourself.


Yes, now they seem to be working fine.

They always have… :slight_smile:

I see in one of your pages, you deleted the “Table Options” block, but the logic to populate it was not cleaned up (see “page1”). This is a good example when data would not be populated because the logic is broken

Hi Mark,

I’ve tried deleting the page and re-create it again.
My app id is 70728D3D-BC56-6B74-FF5B-4E2F7F7A9800.
I’ve create the page and named it as index .
I’ve also followed the screen shot to select the data table column and selected the required table.
After that I immediately click on the preview page and no data was displayed.

Hi @Francis_Thong,

It will work now, please check. The problem was in the broken data binding in that page template. We will fix is as soon as possible.

If you create a blank page or a page with the “Landing Page” template and drag and drop DataTable, things will work out of the box.