UI element modifications


Is there a way to change the color of the inner text in the password text box for the password change page?

Also, what social media icons are already available for use? I don’t know if there’s a help page that shows the list of icon ids for different social media platforms because I’m looking for a TikTok and X icon but don’t know what the id for them would be in the UI builder.

Thank You,

Hello @Innocent_Nwaukwa

Do you mean icons for Icon Button?



Not exactly.

  1. I’m referring to the PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORD text boxes. They don’t have that color modification option on the right.

  2. These social media icons I’m referring to are different from the typical icons and don’t give the option of changing icons.

Either way, the icon list on Backendless does not have the social media icons like Snapchat and Instagram that I’m looking for. So, is there any guideline on creating custom icons?