UI Panel Component

console output -

logic - error starts after print ‘backendless support \\\\\\\.…’. where clause executes correctly and finds a match.

This first appeared when panel components were executed. If I deleted the old ‘panel’ component and added a new one, the error cleared. But no panels in use here, logic is running at ‘page’ level on page enter.

An example of panel component problem.
page url - https://eu.backendlessappcontent.com/45F4AD7D-0C9A-4A6A-FF23-2666FDC93000/7F2FE6D0-B7ED-4D21-9F2A-9C0C2AF3373C/files/ui-builder/containers/default/index.html?page=usersUpdate&data={}

Here the user can select a user role, the logic is on event change. The logic resides in a panel.

console output -

logic - panel component used.


Found reason for UncaughtError…(reading 'indexof)
I had a ‘value logic’ open but no code included.