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Unable to cast to class in Swift SDK

App ID # 2FA6F2D8-97BE-F615-FFCC-C2CEDC595F00

            let dataStore =
        dataStore.find(responseHandler: { (all) in
            let x = all[0] as! BEUserProperty
        }) { (Fault) in

I ported another app over to the new SDK with no issue. It was a newer app though.

This App ID has been in use for a couple years now, I’m guessing there is something from the past when I created the tables and schema.
I tried the other tables as well, same issue
This has been working fine for a year + using the objC SDK
the error is

Could not cast value of type 'Swift._SwiftDeferredNSDictionary<Swift.String, Any>'

Here is my latest test trying to solve this (883.3 KB)

Hello Robert,

Thank you for reporting this issue and for the test example.
I’ve created an internal ticket BKNDLSS-21340 and it will be checked as soon as possible.


Issue has been fixed in v 5.7.14. Could you check please?


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