Unable to display images in repeater block

Hi Team

I have data table . On clicking record, it will open up a form to display record in detail.

I managed to display other fields but not able to display images which are stored in fileobj in this format.


Please guide me how to get the fileobj which is comma separated format into list and set to display Images in repeater block.

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Nyi Nyi Lin

Hello @MRW!

Could you please tell me on which page this logic is located and how to reproduce this case so that I can check and find a solution?


Logic at this page. my appid is DECB93DA-58C4-1D13-FFFE-853643160D00

When I open the preview of this page, I only see errors in the console and nothing else.
Is there something additional that needs to be done?
Or could you prepare a small test page with only the necessary minimum of logic that I can test?


Yes. you may need to go to listreport page. on clicking record, you should be able to view record.

You can use the CustomCode block to parse the image URLs that are in JSON format and return them to the repeater, then everything will work correctly:


Thanks Alexander. It is working fine now.

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