Unable to export the database


We seem to be unable to export the database. This has been working fine previously, but when we tried to do that last Sunday, this didn’t work. We tried several times, then repeated on Monday.

We go to Manage > Export, then check “All Data Tables”, leave “Include Data Types” checked, and also check “Schema Only”. We get a notification that the request has been scheduled and an email will be sent when it’s complete. However, we get no email and nothing appears in the exported files folder. If we try to make another request shortly after the previous one, then Backendless tells us that the previous request is still in the works. Then after some time we are able to schedule requests again.

Could you look into the problem and help us export the database schema?


Hello, Alexander!

We confirm, there has been an issue on our side with export. At the moment it should work well. Have you tried it today?

Yes, seems to be working now. Thanks!