Unable to get a property of a parent relation

  1. I have a 1:N relation between subjects and calendar

  2. I am trying to load a calendar object (which loads fine), then get the student_name from the subjects table

  3. I am getting an undefined object whereas the student_name is present in the parent table.

This works:

If I try to load it as a property of the calendar table like this:

I get the error
400 - Unable to retrieve data. Query contains invalid object related properties. (1023)

Reproducible test case: test*

App ID: 4A47197B-AE30-FA84-FF56-0071F4010900

Any thoughts?

Hi @Andreas_Marinopoulos !

You have made a mistake in relation name - brackets are not part of relation name. Try to specify related property as subjects.student_name

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz, is it not true that subjects.student_name would be good if I am looking at a child relation whereas subjects[calendar].student_name is good for a parent relation?

In my case as per the screenshot above, I am in the child table and want to grab a value from the parent table, makes sense?


Sorry, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that you have tried to query parent from a child. Data service allows only to query relations and related props from parent in chindren objects. Unfortunatelly you can’t query parent data from child.

Regards, Andriy