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Unable to get badge to update with push notification

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Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

Online (unsure)

Client SDK (REST / Android / Objective-C / Swift / JS )

JS service

Application ID


Expected Behavior

We are trying to update the badge count when sending the push notification from a JS service

Actual Behavior

The badge does not update

Reproducible Test Case

We’re using the following code:

    return Backendless.Messaging.publish(
      `You have ${deliveryCount} new message${
        deliveryCount !== 1 ? "s" : ""
      } waiting for you`,
      new Backendless.PublishOptions({
        headers: {
          "ios-badge": deliveryCount,
      new Backendless.DeliveryOptions({
        publishAt: publishAt,
        pushSinglecast: [device.deviceId],

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

We are investigating your problem.


Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

The ticket’s number is BKNDLSS-25972.
Could you please provide what version of the Backendless IOS-SDK you use

Regards, Vlad

We’re using Backendless / react native with the following NPM packages:

“backendless”: “^5.8.12”,
“backendless-react-native”: “^0.1.3”,

I can’t seem to locate the BackendlessSwift package though in the Xcode project or in the pod file. I know it’s definitely installed and working because the push notification functionality itself is working fine.

How would I go about finding this version out from Xcode or by some other means?

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

Thank you for the information. We will investigate the problem and respond as soon as possible.


Thank you!