Unable to get badge to update with push notification

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Backendless Version (3.x / 5.x, Online / Managed / Pro )

Online (unsure)

Client SDK (REST / Android / Objective-C / Swift / JS )

JS service

Application ID


Expected Behavior

We are trying to update the badge count when sending the push notification from a JS service

Actual Behavior

The badge does not update

Reproducible Test Case

We’re using the following code:

    return Backendless.Messaging.publish(
      `You have ${deliveryCount} new message${
        deliveryCount !== 1 ? "s" : ""
      } waiting for you`,
      new Backendless.PublishOptions({
        headers: {
          "ios-badge": deliveryCount,
      new Backendless.DeliveryOptions({
        publishAt: publishAt,
        pushSinglecast: [device.deviceId],

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

We are investigating your problem.


Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

The ticket’s number is BKNDLSS-25972.
Could you please provide what version of the Backendless IOS-SDK you use

Regards, Vlad

We’re using Backendless / react native with the following NPM packages:

“backendless”: “^5.8.12”,
“backendless-react-native”: “^0.1.3”,

I can’t seem to locate the BackendlessSwift package though in the Xcode project or in the pod file. I know it’s definitely installed and working because the push notification functionality itself is working fine.

How would I go about finding this version out from Xcode or by some other means?

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

Thank you for the information. We will investigate the problem and respond as soon as possible.


Thank you!

Hey, any update on this at all please?

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

The ticket BKNDLSS-25972 has the open status.

Here’s the timeline:

  1. Research
  2. Fix if needed
  3. Deploy to dev environment, test there
  4. Deploy to stage environment, test there
  5. Deploy to production, test there
  6. Report on the support forum that the fix is done

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz,

I’ve checked your service with iOS and Swift-SDK.
The only thing I’ve changed in the js code is

const [userId, deliveryCount] = args;
const publishAt = Date.now() + 5000;

instead of

const [userId, publishAt, deliveryCount] = args;

and everything worked fine for me. Ticket is now reassigned to our RN developer.

Could you please clarify what value do you pass to the publishAt argument?
Do you receive push notification? Is the issue only with badge value?


Thanks for your reply. This method is called elsewhere in the service. In that method we take a delivery time. EG: ‘16:52’ and generate a publishAt date like so:

const [hours, minutes] = deliveryTime.split(":");
let deliverAt = new Date(

Do you receive push notification? Is the issue only with badge value?

Push notifications are delivering fine. The only issue is the badge is not being updated. The app has badge permissions on my phone when testing

Hello, @Naaman_Tammuz.

We have created a ticket(BKNDLSS-26165) to investigate your issue.

Best Regards, Nikita.

UPD: issue has an opened ticket BKNDLSS-25972. BKNDLSS-26165 is closed as duplicate.

Why has this ticket been closed? We are still facing the issue it is not fixed.

This thread has been open for quite a long time now with no resolution and we’re unable to use backendless in production as a result. Badges on push notifications are a very basic expected feature so it’s frustrating that it’s taken this long to just be told the ticket is closed with no fix.

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

The ticket was closed as a duplicate. We already have the same ticket with an identical problem. But the problem is still there and we are working on fixing it. I apologize for the inconvenience and the long wait.


Hi Inna,

Thanks for the update and glad to hear the problem’s being worked on. This is currently blocking the beta launch of our application so obviously the sooner the issue can be resolved the better.



I raised the priority of this ticket, we will try to make a fix as soon as possible.


Thanks - much appreciated.


Can we please have an update on this ticket? This was reported 3 months ago and is quite a significant issue with one of backendless’ core features. As a result we cannot launch our app because push notification functionality is completely broken.

We’re paying monthly for a service that we cannot use. I understand that sometimes there can be a wait to get an issue fix when an organisation has varying priorities. But 3 months to fix an issue with one of your core features is quite excessive.

Our time with backendless so far has been okay but this issue is souring our experience and makes it very hard to recommend backendless when we’ve essentially been unable to launch our application and make any money for 3 months.

Please can we have a concrete timeline on when you expect this issue to be fixed. If this can not be provided then please can you let me know how I can make a formal complaint as we’re really at a loss on how to move forward with this. We cannot go another month with minimal contact and fuzzy timelines. We really don’t want to have to move to another service at such a late stage in the application development but we’ll be forced to if we keep receiving such minimal support.

Thank you

Hello @Naaman_Tammuz

This ticket is still open, I increased the priority of this ticket and we assigned it to a certain developer.

But what I should explain in this situation:
RN is one of the ways to integrate our product, and all these ways have a priority based on the use of them, how did you understand the priority of this is not very high.
We haven’t an RN developer, and every time when need some fix, somebody from the team should re-understand what’s going in this SDK.
Also, this product is open source, so in case if it blocks you, and you haven’t time to wait, you might help us fix/implement something you need here and now.

Summary: I can’t say estimates, but we start fixing this issue this week.

We sincerely hope for your understanding.

Regards, Dima.

Hi @Naaman_Tammuz

Could not reproduce the problem, our icon is updated and also resets when viewing notifications

Tested version “backendless-react-native”: “^0.1.8”

Regards, Valeriy.