Unable to import data from Parse

I have been working on moving my data from Parse to Backendless. Some things wouldn’t transfer in directly so I have been working on cleaning up the data. Tonight I deleted my table to do another import and not when I try I get an ‘Internal server error with id’ error. On the previous imports some relationships fail to generate as well.

Please provide your data import file and your appId to support@backendless.com

I have sent the information as requested.

Vyacheslav, I have e-mailed the zip as requested.

Turns out a missing , was the source of the error. Fixed that and manually updated all the relations that didn’t load.

I may have spoken too soon, even after editing the csv files created by backendless to include relationships I wanted included when I import those csv files the relations don’t load.

We received your mail, and created inner ticket to investigate this issue [BKNDLSS-12745].