Unable to locate or change placeholder data of the marketplace theme

Working with the great ENDLESS Theme from the Marketplace,
I am struggling to find the location of the dummy data of the testimonial card slider (I tried this for 3 hours).

The card slider is containing three enteries with “james”, “jack”, “janice” but I am unable to identify or debug the origin. Of course there is the non-code logic that calls the testimonials … but there is variable / script / component / db or any other kind of memory … is this somewhere hidden in a js snippet on file level?


Hello @Stefan_Bratsch

Welcome to our community and thank you for trying out Backendless.
Can you share with us your app id?


sry+sure: C46E1128-2ECF-EF64-FF8D-23646CF80900

Go to On Page Enter → edit to Custom Code of Page Data


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