Unable to preview pages in UI builder

I am sure I missed a step somewhere, but I cannot preview my page in the UI builder. When I click the ‘Preview’ link, it simply loads a page with this error:

This site can’t provide a secure connection

subdomain.backendless.app sent an invalid response.

Hi @Peter_Jaffe

Welcome to the Backendless community!
I converted the topic into a public one because private messages are allowed for Pro/Manage customers only and sometimes for sharing sensitive/secure information. I’ve replaced your domain with subdomain.backendless.app and shared with the team your origin domain to keep the context.

Do you still see any issues with the domain?
It works well for me right now.


Hi, I am still experiencing this issue.

Page successfully opens for me in Chrome and Firefox in both modes(default and incognito), same for mobile Safari.

Could you share with us a little more details?
Does it work for you with another network? Did you try to check on other devices/browsers?
It’s continuously repeated for you during the week or only at some moments?

Regards, Dima.

I’m using Chrome in ubuntu, and I’ve tried repeatedly to load the preview on various dates since I opened my account; the preview has never loaded, I have always gotten the same response. I’ve come back every few days to give it another try, with no change. I guess I am going to give up at this point. Thanks.

Hello, @Peter_Jaffe.

Can you share with us your app id where we can reproduce your issue?

Regards, Nikita.