Unable to recover user password


Unable to get the password recover for user.

Here my my api:

let base_url = “https://api.backendless.com/(app_id)/(rest_key)/users/
let forgoturl = “(base_url)restorepassword/phone_number”

main key is : phone_number which i am using to hit the api along with the userphone number as parameter.

My app id : 22C082D3-6A39-D295-FF96-546F6FC19500

Error Facing:
code = 3020;
errorData = {
message = “Cannot perform password recovery. Unable to find a user with the specified identity.”;

Hello @Sagar_Nagpal

please provide the entire URL you use

Regards, Vlad

Thanks for reply.

Please find the url:


phone_number must be a value of the column



does it work for you now? may I mark the topic as solved?

Regards, Vlad

Thank u.
It solved now.