Unable to register user. Missing identity value for 'email', but can't find the problem

I created a Registration page using the example from YouTube and app parts are working accept that it seems the email input is not sending data to the “email” property in the Register API. Here’s the UI designer so you can see it has the proper ID associated with it:

and these are the code blocks:

and this is the error when I run it:

To test this I replaced the Get property code block:


with a raw text codeblock and hard coded the email address in it’s place, and the button click event executed correctly.

I know the data from the password and name code blocks are passing data as expected, but email does not. Any idea what the problem might be?

Thank you.

Looks like you haven’t set up data binding for the email input field.

That was it. Sorry for the trouble, still very new to this…
Thank you!

Never a trouble. You are welcome!