Unable to remove app from payment profile

Hi For my 30 day trial I cloned an app so I could use it to learn about codeless logic.
I am not able to delete it from the payment profile.

Moreover, I’m not able to delete the app.

Please attach a screenshot of the My Apps screen.


Hi @mark-piller ,
See below.

I would like to delete 2 apps and be left with the WaterFund App alone.

What are the app IDs of the apps to delete?


I’m not sure where to find the App Ids.
I would like to delete KIPPRA and kippra__portal i.e 1st and 2nd apps in the screenshot above.

Your app ID can be found here:


So when I swap the Applications to either of the 2 Apps I want to delete, it returns this error/issue.

I am not sure why the apps report an error, the product team will figure it out.

I made sure the card will not be charged for these apps. When the trial period is over (July 4th), the subscriptions for the apps will be canceled.


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Thank you sir.