Unable to run the app on simulator

Hi Backendless Team,

When I run my app Volpass on the XCode, I see this error -
startTime: 1669.0, duration: 784.0}

2023-01-03 15:00:33.165652-0800 Runner[64047:2986602] flutter: {message: Error: Script error for “components/reusable/r_5a93916c96cc36b597b2a3792f9ddeb3/logic/909aeea9fb6a3439bf6324342a38cf08/bundle.js”

Common Errors, messageLevel: 3}

2023-01-03 15:11:33.922557-0800 Runner[64047:2992207] [SOServiceConnection] <SOServiceConnection: 0x600001c468e0>: XPC connection interrupted

2023-01-03 15:18:43.456474-0800 Runner[64047:3000137] [plugin] AddInstanceForFactory: No factory registered for id <CFUUID 0x600001df8c40> F8BB1C28-BAE8-11D6-9C31-00039315CD46

On investigation I found 909aeea9fb6a3439bf6324342a38cf08/bundle.js is missing in the web directory. This is a recurring issue i always face. I have many reusuable components, but when I bundle my web directory and run on simulator, I notice new reusuable components are missing in the web directory. Can you please fix this issue.

Hello, @Ariv_Sahoo.

Are you using native app shell?
If yes, please send me structure of your app container and pubspec.yaml file.

Best Regards, Nikita.

Hi Nikita,

I realized later after inspection the file 909aeea9fb6a3439bf6324342a38cf08/bundle.js should not be there. It’s was a old file in my simulator which needed to be deleted. Please close this issue.