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Unable to send email template


I cannot send an email template. It was working at one point when I set this up a while back, but has silently stopped at some point. I noticed it in iOS app but I get the same error in the console.

AppID: E9DF3457-FBDF-4D42-A6F3-FDFF2C260FF6
Email Template: WelcomeToCaddieClub
Action to replicate: go that template and click SEND TEST EMAIL in console
Error: Cannot send email with the default email settings…

Weird thing is other templates are working just fine so something about this specific template and the error I am getting is probably not describing the actual error very well.

Just using the default backendless email settings.



Hi, @mike-turner!

It works as expected. You need to use your own smtp-server to send emails from custom templates. System events’ templates use variables, and to see how they substitute we offer testing them with smtp.


Hi Igor

Thanks for the info. I am sure it was working though!

So is the testing supposed to work on the console, as the send test email still throws an error. I’ll give it a whiz through my own smtp server now.



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Yep you are correct, works perfectly through my own SMTP server. Need to read the docs apologies.