Unable to send iOS push on Standalone server via proxy


We have installed the Standalone version of Backendless on one of our servers that sits behind a proxy. Unfortunately we are unable to send APNS messages from this server, and we see the below error in the app logs.

Are you able to advise if there is a way of seeing more specific reasons why the connection is failing, or if there is a way that we can manually change a setting so that the APNS traffic is routed via a specific gateway?

Many thanks,

BEL Log.txt (10.59kB)

Hi, Nicholas.

Firstly, here we don’t provide free support for Standalone version.
At second, check the availability of your server for Apple push servers, check right endpoint in configuration.

Thanks for your reply. Currently it is working using the sandbox certificate and it works. But when we use the production certificate we don’t receive any apple push notifications. Is there anyway to get this working and/or is there a config file that we can use to inspect which hosts and or ports the apns is being sent to? Thanks