Unable to set Password validation regex

Hi guys,

I need some help with setting password validation.
I am using Appgyver as front-end.

For forgot password functionality, I am using the option:
‘Reset to a system (backend) generated password’.

The integration is working well.
One issue, the system generated password in email does not conform to the regex setup in my Appgyver front-end.

I tried to set the same regex in the validation field for password column in user schema.
But, I am getting below error.

You try set validator for ‘password’ while the password recovery in an unsuitable configuration.
To set a password validator, the password recovery should be send only via link.
Go to the Messaging section, then the EMAILS tab and make sure that the following settings are set:
‘User requests password recovery by link’ - on, ‘User requests password recovery’ - off.
Then you can set the validator to the ‘password’

But, I don’t think I might want to use a single HTML from Backendless UI builder, when the rest of the front-end is from Appgyver.

It is seeming that I have to choose between

  1. Lowering my password requirement to whatever is default system generated in Backendless email.
  2. Design an HTML using UI builder, when the rest of my app will have a different look and feel.

I am sure I am not understanding this correct and there should be a solution that I am unable to find.

Appreciate your help and support!


Hi Acky,

Either (1) or (2) will work and with (2) you can customize the look and feel of the page to match your own app. Backendless UI supports complete CSS/LESS.


Thank you @mark-piller for the quick reply.