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Unable to use code generation

(soheil) #1


I’m new to backendless, and let me first say that I am really enjoying the platform, it has definitely sped up development greatly.
However, I am having trouble using the code generation module. Clicking on the icon returns a “The specified resource was not found” error. I am not sure what is causing this, but it would definitely be very helpful to me if I could use the code generator to quickly set up the base for some of my modules.


(Mark Piller) #2


Thank you for reporting the problem. We are looking into it.


(Mark Piller) #3


The problem has been fixed. Could you please check the Code Generation screen to see if you get all the code generators? Also, check out the “Download Project Template” button at the top of the console’s screen.


(soheil) #4


Thanks for the help. It is now working, though I cannot find the page that is outlined here:
Regardless, I have what I need. Thanks for the support!

(Andrew Gamil) #5

The specified resource was not found when click on Code Generation. So how can i fix it

(Mark Piller) #6

@Andrew_Gamil, what is your application ID?