Unable to use CodeRunner: Redis connection error

I am currently trying to use the simple “Timer” example to use the CodeRunner on my system. I followed the tutorials and downloaded the JavaScript / Node.js code to my system and tried to run the debug version with “npm run debug”. However, it seems that CodeRunner is unable to connect to the Backendless system.
How can I solve the problem?


Application Id: C450F07A-3B7E-D270-FF3E-285F049FCE00
NPM version: 6.14.8

Console output:

npm run debug

> xxxx_backend-servercode@1.0.0 debug C:\Projects\backendless
> coderunner debug

10:17:49.546 CodeRunner(tm) Backendless JavaScript CodeRunner v6.1.9
10:17:49.550 Copyright(C) 2021 Backendless Corp. All rights reserved.
10:17:49.556 Run Options is:  {
  "backendless": {
    "apiServer": "https://eu-api.backendless.com",
    "msgBroker": {
      "host": "cl.backendless.com",
      "port": 6379
    "public": {
      "fileDownloadUrl": "http://localhost:9000",
      "publicAPIUrl": "http://localhost:9000",
      "internalAPIUrl": "https://eu-api.backendless.com"
    "apiUrl": "https://eu-api.backendless.com",
    "repoPath": "/var/lib/backendless/repo/"
  "app": {
    "id": "C450F07A-3B7E-D270-FF3E-285F049FCE00",
    "apiKey": "XXXXXXXXX",
    "model": "default",
    "exclude": [
  "workers": {
    "cache": false,
    "concurrent": 4,
    "heartbeat": {
      "interval": 5,
      "timeout": 10
  "sandbox": false,
  "verbose": false,
  "compression": {
    "debug": false,
    "prod": false
10:17:49.662 Starting Debug Code Runner...
10:17:49.663 Building Model..
10:17:49.834 ServerCode Model built in 171ms
10:17:49.834 Timers (1):
10:17:49.836   CodeRunnerTest (timers\coderunnertest.js)
10:17:49.836 Services (1):
10:17:49.837   HashService (services\HashService.js)
10:17:49.838 Connection to Redis...
10:17:50.091 read ECONNRESET
10:17:50.091 Redis: will try to reconnect in: 0.5 seconds
10:17:50.785 read ECONNRESET
10:17:50.786 Redis: will try to reconnect in: 1 seconds
10:17:51.980 read ECONNRESET
10:17:51.980 Redis: will try to reconnect in: 1.5 seconds
10:17:52.669 Termination signal received. Shutting down..

Hi @Tim_Riemann !

Could you try one more time to run CodeRunner localy? It looks like you ecxperienced problem with message broker. I have checked it and there is no problems with broker now.
Sorry for inconvenience.

Regards, Andriy

Hi @Andriy_Konoz,
unfortunately it still does not work. Any ideas how to investigate the problem?

Regards, Tim

@Tim_Riemann ,

It looks like there can be some problems with your network.
Could you please check if cl.backendless.com:6379 is reachable from your PC? If you on Linux you can use next command for check nc -zv cl.backendless.com 6379

Regards, Andriy

thanks for the information with the network port. It is indeed a problem with the company VPN that I am using. After switching it off, it works as expected.

Regards, Tim