Unable to use the free Springboard plan

Application ID: CA14D4D2-1B0F-4527-FF1E-9C38D5AEFC00

I recently unlocked the Springboard plan via Missions. I reset and deleted the app that I unlocked it on as it had tables and such I didn’t want.

Now that I’ve reset/deleted the app, I’m unable to switch to the Springboard plan like I was able to previously.

The Missions selection still shows that the plan is unlocked, though I don’t know if it’s a bug because the layout (blue strip) is on the far left not presented like before.

Thank you

Hello James,
Did you just reset your app with springboard plan or deleted it?


I did both.

If you go to the missions again, you should see the popup. Please select the app once more in that popup.


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It just said “Continue Quest”.

Though I’m now able to switch to the plan

Many thanks

I have the same issue, but there is no pop-up in the mission section.
any idea ?!

What is the ID of the application you want to switch to Springboard?

thanks for your response, this is the Application Id:


I see that you selected another app for Springboard. The app ID is 5E7BD6D9-13B4-675E-FFF8-26859522A000. Have you deleted that app? Could you please describe the full story so we can understand what has happened?

I create an app a month ago, and yesterday it expired, so I tried to complete missions today, and due to complete some of them, I deleted the previous app and create a new one.
Then when I reach the springboard milestone, to clear the unwanted tables and files I delete the app and create new one :smile:
The ID which I sent in the former reply is the ID of the last application.

Just to be clear - before you deleted the other app, have you selected it as the one that should get the springboard plan?

I thought it will select automatically.

Thanks. Please check the app, it should be on Springboard now

Thanks a million.
It is fixed now.