Unable to Use "Zip Directory"

I can’t get the “Zip Directory” feature of the Backendless file browser to work. I’ve tried it a couple different times on different folders.

Backendless Version Cloud 6.1.8

Application ID


Expected Behavior

Please describe the expected behavior of the issue, starting from the first action.

  1. Select directories
  2. Click “Zip Directory”
  3. Get an email with a download link

Actual Behavior

After I click “Zip Directory” I do not get an email with a download link.

Reproducible Test Case

Select the web/system directory, and click “Zip Directory”.

Hi, @Christopher_Manzi

If the archive size is less than 10MB, zipping is very fast and a link to the archive should not be sent in the email. The archive folder will be placed one level up from the directory you zipped. If you’re archiving over 10MB, the zipping process may take some time, we’ll send you a link in the email after the zipping is finished, you can download your file by clicking the link. As in the previous case, the archive will be placed one level up from the directory you uploaded. Have you searched the archive for the directory above? As I see you have several zip archives of the web directory located in the root.


Hm I did not even notice that! I see them there. Still, I haven’t received any emails - so if I can provide some feedback it would be that the notifications are a little confusing.


We have an internal ticket for this case. And we are already working on it. In the coming releases, the notification message will change and become more obvious. Thank you for your feedback, it`s important to us!