"Unauthorized..." in response from REST.

Hi. I’m using retrofit 2 Android library for making calls to the REST. I faced with following trouble and have no idea how to fix it.
So, I have “Books” table. No problem to retrieve all data from table, everything just fine, but when I add whereClause (or try to find object by objectId), server responses something like this “code 401, unauthorized”. I tried to send different headers, combination of headers, but no result. In Backendless’ REST console the required headers for such request are only " app-id" and “secret-key” (yes, I have the correct key for REST).
I would appreciate any help, because, as I mentioned above, I have no idea what is wrong with such requests.

Hi Nikita!

Could you provide your code sample (with appid and secret key)?
Send it to this email please: kate@backendless.com


Thanks for your reply. It was my fault for misunderstanding retrofit headers apply system. Now everything is working great.