Unclear bunch of "isvalidusertoken"-calls

My appd = 5BDF0E64-9F03-6F8E-FF75-0E183AF61100

In dev console these calls (when logged in) appear like this (they happend after a find operation):

Any idea?


Do you have any custom logic on a page.
Did you try to disable it? And:

  • try to load page without invocation of custom logic;
  • try to perform that logic independently.

The idea is to check, whether the request go from your code or it is some sort of inner logic of ui-component.

Hi @oleg-vyalyh ,
I have custom logic, but this does not access the BE backend. Still, I’ve disabled it without any changes.
Consider this high number of “isvalidusertoken” calls which occurs in a row in my screenshot. I’m very (very) sure, there is nothing in my code which issues 26 of those calls in a row. Please investigate.
As said, these calls occur only with a logged-in user. Let me know if I shall send you a test user via private message.


Hi @Klaas_Klever

You use the “Is Valid User Session” block in the “onContentAssignment” which runs on each render, and since there is a user-token on the click it always sends a request to the server

You can find the handler for component with id: “Text1-2-2-2-2-2-2-2-2” and there is a default text component “Dein Rezept”

Wow! Thanks for finding this! This also shows how often all this stuff is rendered. Seems to be worth a redesing.

However, if I would have a search function in console, which could show me where a certain block is used, I would have found it by myself :wink:

Thank you

Yes, we’ve got a ticket for that, and I believe it will appear very soon