Unexpected bump in API calls.- any way to block while developing?

I am working on an app on the scale plan, but I do see some strange file service downloads happening that I don’t understand. I am suspecting there is a scan of sorts going on - but while I am in development mode I am just content with me doing the dev work and nobody else interfering.

Is it possible for me to block out all other traffic than me doing dev work? I am unable to both have the API limits on AND do my limited dev work because of whatever is going on…

Please let us know your application ID so we can check access logs to see where the traffic is coming from.

Sure. App ID: 5B2DF8F1-0E49-4F38-999D-37886BE02B26

Hi Egil,

We uploaded an access log file to your app. See the ACCESSLOG directory in your file repository. The file shows every single file download request for your app made today (Feb 16th). The information also includes the IP addresses where the requests were made from.