Unexpected power outage

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We had a power outage 31/1/22 approx 10:30am GMT.
Logic which had been coded and run has disappeared with only logic from 10 days ago showing in change logs.

Would the power outage have caused the lost logic or would this be a separate problem?

We’re re-coding, probably better second time around and have bought a couple of uninterrupted power supplies.


Hi, @Paul_HIllen

Please specify where exactly you have missing logic (name of a page and handler in the UI-Builder or name of a service/ timer/ handler? How many people are involved in developing the application? Is it possible that several people were developing at the same time?

If the logic was in debug mode and wasn’t deployed, it could have disappeared after power outage. But a power outage has nothing to do with the deployed logic. Only if another developer re-deployed it. This can happen if, for example, several services/timers/handlers have the same model.