Unexpected token } in generated bundle.js

I tried to make a hamburger menu in ui builder by tutorial ( How To Build A Hamburger Menu In UI Builder | Backendless.

After all steps I’ve got a broken js file (bundle.js) with code:

define([], () => ({
  /* content */
  /* handler:onClick */
  onClick(___arguments) {
    var list;

  if (((function (componentUid){ return ___arguments.context.getComponentClassesByUid(componentUid) })('7e0608f49dc80518197165a853020e69')).slice(-1)[0] == 'active') {
    return (((function (componentUid){ return ___arguments.context.getComponentClassesByUid(componentUid) })('7e0608f49dc80518197165a853020e69')).pop() && ((function (componentUid){ return ___arguments.context.getComponentClassesByUid(componentUid) })('a522e5d1e9f86eec5418456d0de86e9b')).pop());
  } else {
    list[0] = null;

  /* handler:onClick */
  /* content */
  /* content */

There’s my logic. Looks similar as in tutorial (but some bricks have different presentation)

Don’t know how to fix this

There’s error from console on ui builder page. Hope it’ll help

Error: Oops. An internal error [ef0aca22caa265a4e5e591f416f3b1e4] has occurred. We are working on it. Please try again later
    at new t (bundle.8a6a3612.js:2:2850950)
    at v (bundle.8a6a3612.js:2:2852867)

Hi, @Dmitriy_Semenov

Please, provide your appId and the page with the handler where you are experiencing the issue.

Regards, Marina

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Application ID: BD532506-66E2-4937-8F5B-984B742DD2D4
Page: hamburger_page

The issue should be fixed now. Could you please confirm?

Regards, Marina

Yes, don’t see any errors, thank you


You are welcome, sorry for this inconvenience.

Best regards,