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Unexpected token: )

Hi, While trying to fix the question about relations myself, my page seems to have encountered some weird thing in bundle.js:

Where does this broken sentence come from, how to fix?

Hello @Michiel_Prins1

What’s your AppId?

Since the broken line is from the sendEmail function, I tried to remove that from the onClick handler, but the problem remains:

618594EC-B456-4DF2-8DCD-78C3E713EC13, page is called new_request.

How can we reproduce the issue? It seems like you have already removed the line

The problem is still there.

Load the page, in your console it will show:


Then, click the link to bundle.js.formatted:24, and there you can see the broken line.

Looks like it was some problem with code-generation, I’ve remove the wrong line from your code and now it should work properly, could you please confirm that?

This seems to work now. Thanks! Can I fix this myself if it happens again?

I’ve create an internal ticket BKNDLSS-24926 to investigate this because it should not happen.
However, to fix this problem I just remove code that is out of the module code and open Codeless designer for this handler in order to re-generate js code.

That sounds like something I can’t do myself?

yeah, I would not recommend you to change something manually in the UI-Builder files =)
In my opinion, it will be much better to investigate the problem more deeply and do a corresponding fix in order to avoid the same situation in the future


I have the same problem again. Same app, same page, other unexptected token:

Line 27 to 31 should not be there. Can you fix that?

I think it started when I deleted the Contect Logic from the “nameFound” text component. Since then it’s repeating this line from the onBlur event on traverlerSearchInput.

Done, could you please confirm that?

yes, thanks!

I hope the internal ticket is fixed soon :slight_smile:


same problem here

It seems the issue is happening in two different bundle.js files :


Need help please.

Hello @Thierno_Mamadou_Boye_DIALLO

Please provide your applicationId.

app ID : 425FC4FD-3376-5BE0-FF52-5BF89CCB0E00
page name : registerAdminUser

Hello @Thierno_Mamadou_Boye_DIALLO

I’ve fixed your files manually, sorry for the inconvenience!

Regards, Vlad

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