Unity not receiving pub/sub message

Hi, I’m trying to use the pub/sub features. I’m testing within a single Unity app, subscribed to a channel, i.e. “message”, and send a message to the channel, hoping to get a callback to the subscription. The send seems to work, I can see it in the console, but I don’t receive the message. No errors, just nothing coming back. Any thoughts?

I’ve now tried the realtime DB as well, and they doesn’t receive callback either. Do I need to enable something in firewall or is there something else I need to do?
BTW, using the dotnet SDK. Thanks for any help.

Hello, @paul-sagor.

Which version of Unity and our package for unity are you using?

Regards, Nikita.

I got it from GitHub,

Sorry, not 6.3, from GitHub backendless/.net-sdk

Ok, @paul-sagor. I will check into this issue.

Hello, @paul-sagor.

Do you have issues with RT also or only with messaging?
Can you try this? You need create subscription to same data changes(for example create or update object in table).
Also, we recommend use packages from this folder:

Regards, Nikita.

Yes I had issues with RT as well

Do you use package-unity version?


Can you provide any steps to reproduce this issue? I cannot reproduce problem in my environment.

Regards, Nikita.

So could you send me the exact details and your test code, so I can make sure I’m testing the same thing?

Test case:

        Dictionary<string, object> dict = new Dictionary<string, object>();
        dict.Add("nameTimeColumn", "Bob Jones " + System.DateTime.UtcNow);

        Debug.Log("Saving test data...");

                new AsyncCallback<Dictionary<string, object>>(
                    response =>
                        Debug.Log("Test data saved with objectId " + response["objectId"]);

                    error =>
                        Debug.LogError("Failed to save test data: Code = " + error.FaultCode 
                            + ", Message = " + error.Message 
                            + ", Details = " + error.Detail);
        Debug.Log("Adding RT listener...");
        Backendless.Data.Of( "TestTable" ).RT().AddCreateListener((obj) =>
            Debug.Log( "RT: Object created " );
            Debug.Log( "RT object - " + obj );

Regards, Nikita.

You tested with Unity package in Unity Update() loop?

With Unity package, RT handler sets in OnStart() func.

Btw, I meant in Start() method not Update(). But looks like you’re using OnStart()

What version of unity product are you using, I’m using 2022.3.13f1?

I’m used 2020.3.25f1.