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unlinking Relations Objects using Dictionary API


Im using the following API to update a row ( [backendless.persistenceService save: entity: error: ];

Its working fine when I need to link an Relationship Object with a certain field (using the “___class” Key), however I could not find a way to unlink an existing relationship object … Please help


Hi, Eyad Pro.
Just try to set “null” value instead of the object reference.

Hi Oleg

So in iOS NSDictionary value can’t be set to null directly, alternatively it ca be set to [NSNull null]

so the format is [Dict setObject:[NSNull null] forKey:@“relatedObject”]) …when I do that nothing get updated on backendless and the related object stays as is

Hi Eyad

I’ve added a link of iOS SDK docs below, take a look, maybe it will helped you
search by this “Removing one contact from PhoneBook”

Regards, Vlad

Hi Vlad,

The method mentioned in the page above is not Dictionary based [backendless.persistenceService save: entity: error: ]… I need the dictionary based because there are other Fields I’m updating at the same API call … so its not really possible …

Hi Support Team,

Im still waiting for your response here please … plus the ticket status should be updated

Hi Eyad,
Sorry for the delay.
Looks like it’s not possible with the Dictionary.
Meanwhile, Backendless 4.0 was release with a new relation management API, which now allows you to do what you want.