Unlocked Springboard plan no longer available

Hi all,

Haven’t worked on a new app in ages, i unlocked the springboard plan via missions almost 2 years ago but for the last year my first app has been on the cloud 99 package.

Today I wanted to start on a new app and use my unlocked springboard package. However, it no longer seems available.

Your assistance as always is appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Hello @Raymond_Woodley,

your app has been removed due to inactivity. We notify customers several times by email about this before the application is removed:

As an exception, you can go to the missions screen, where you will be asked to select a new application to unlock the springboard plan. Once unlocked, go to the Billing section and activate it. Thus, your application will be safe from automatic deletion due to inactivity.


Much obliged @stanislaw.grin