Update a Data Table UI Builder

Hi. I’m presenting a simple Data Table build by a result of find in a relation, like this:

When the orange button it’s pressed, I clear the relation and I would like to update the VISUAL info at the table. Because at the database it’s properly cleared.

If I change the page going back to Menu the refresh give me the correct information, like this image.

I try to use the “Enable Real Time” but still the same problem.

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi,

Is this issue still occurs?
Сould you please describe how do you fill the Data Table? How do you retrieve

a result of find in a relation?


Yes, still occurs, but maybe because I need to do something after update the database relation?

The database show is called “User” and see the where logic is at the relation familiar of the database “Destinos” because of that the where is " familiar (DOT) objectId ".

Thanks, Mario

Could you please provide APP ID and the page name where it is reproduced?

API ID: 147F3E51-266A-AAC4-FF2B-DFE9F84FD200

Page = “MenuPropiedad” at default

And @mark-piller has credential to enter with Team credentials.


Hi @Mario_Ghersi

Sorry but RT listeners ADD/UPDATE/DELETE don’t support any query with relations, so the table records won’t be updated in real-time with such. query familar.objectId = ...

I’ve created a ticket BKNDLSS-29479 to add a new action for DataTables to be able to reload data

Regards, Vlad

OK, Thanks.

Can I add a new action in the Database to reload, like update a data already know to fix this in the middle time the ticket is process?

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

I guess you can reload database manually through the code.


OK, that will be find, how to reload it with codeless ?

Thanks, Mario

We just released the new block “Reload Data” for DataTable Components

That will be great how to apply ? I’m in version 6.6.4

I need to add the reload as soon as I’m delete a relation.

Now in my UI Builder still without Data Table menu.
Thanks, Mario

Try to add an ID property to your Data Table component in UI Builder.

Regards, Dima

Nop the Table ID is defined, any other idea why it’s not in my version?

I’m using version 6.6.4 plan paid Cloud 9
Thanks, Mario

is that DataTable on the MenuPropiedad page?

I need for almost all the tables because will be the same problem of refresh necessary.

AutorizacionesAdmin (DataTableDestinos) / Autorizaciones (DataTableDestinos)

FamiliaresAdmin (TableProp) / FamiliaresProp (TableProp)

Thanks, Mario

I can see the new codeless category on the FamiliaresAdmin page

Should be under the “Repeaters” but not in my webpage… or I miss understanding something?


have you tried to refresh the browser page?

is this on the FamiliaresAdmin page

Now it’s working!

Thanks, Mario