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Update a DataTable

I have this situation with UI Builder, where I would like to update the “DataTablePendientes” after an update operation. The update is done with a button but how to refresh this type of default info presentation?

Thanks, Mario

Hi Mario,

If you have the “Enable Real Time” checkbox selected for DataTablePendientes, it will update automatically. If you need to update it using a special query, you can do it in Where Clause Logic.


Yes I checked “Enable Real Time” and yes “where clause Logic” is needed, but I need some refresh of the table because it’s not update the “where clause logic” and exclude the record just change the status to be on the table. It’s not a delete case, it’s a change of a boolean to be out of this “pending” table.

Thanks, Mario

Hello @Mario_Ghersi

I have create an internal ticket BKNDLSS-25940 to investigate this issue.