Update object column in a table when if condition evaluates to true

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Backendless Version ( 6.x, Online / Managed / Pro)

Client SDK (REST )

Application ID : 6D80EC10-8E2A-AB7D-FF12-47C1EE68ED00

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Hi Team i need assistance on setting up a codeless event handler logic . What i want ot do is that when a table “waqf” is updated i want to check if the value of one column is >= another column in the table. If true then Update the status column of same object with value “completed”. I have attached an image of what i have done so far. I need assistance in performing the Update.

Hi @Issah_Mudasir !

Your code scheme should look in next way:

I want to note that Response object in this case not record but a complex cobject which contains record in result field.
You can simply extract record from response, modify field in it and pass it to SAve Object in Backendless block.

Regards, Andriy

Thanks this is the support i needed