Update Users Properties (CODELESS)

Hi guys, sorry for my noob topic.
I am trying to create a page within my App that allows the user to change his properties (such as name, surname and profilepic), after careful research in the documentation provided I realized I have to create an API Service (because the system tables are apparently editable only like this).
I also tried to look for some videos on YouTube and the only very similar thing I found is this (Change User Status via API - YouTube), at this point I am stuck :frowning: , is there already some codeless example to do this?

The next step would have been to link the file reference of the profile image loaded to the relative column in users table via API, is it possible to do this or is it necessary to do it manually?

Thanks in advance to those who will have the patience to answer me, i am trying to learn as much as possible.
I take this opportunity to congratulate Mark and his entire team, you are creating a fantastic platform!

Marco from Italy <3

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Hi Marco,

Welcome to the community. Please keep each post on the forum to one specific question or problem. Here’s a video that among other things describes how to update a user record in the database:

For your question about file reference, please open another topic.


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Great! Thanks a lot Mark, I was just looking at that playlist, but it wasn’t indicated in the title of that video.

For the file reference I’ll open another topic :slight_smile:

Grazie! :pray:t2:

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