Updating related field in REST Console

new to backendless.
i am not able to update child table with related field… see the pic below. in table ALERT,
CLOSEDBY field has 1:1 relation with TMNUSERS. With PUT call I am able to update all fields in ALERT except the related fields…
I wanted to update CLOSEDBY with TMNUSERS.ObjectId = 24
No Idea how… can please help ?

Help me to update ALERT.CLOSEBY field for the record ALERT.ObjectId=‘51FA0BC4-73AF-4268-87EF-9954BF42DF97’ with TMNUSERS.ObjectId = 24 (that already exists in TMNUSERS table)

Hi @suresh_raghavan,

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I don’t see the pic… could you please check it?

Hello @suresh_raghavan

If you need set or add child objects: Set/Add Relation with objects
If you need update object and adding relation in one request: Update with Adding a Relation

thanks. Yalovy . i will try it tonight…:slight_smile:

Hi Vladimir
thanks for the help. with the info i have managed to configure appgyver to update relation tables. thanks…

Also I just wanted to check, if the $50 Springboard Plan Shortcut is one time payment for developers? is there any restriction or expiry? I couldnot complete the MISSION as was busy with other dev stuffs !
It will be great help, if it can be a one time payment…

Yes, the Springboard Shortcut is a one time payment that unlocks the Springboard plan. Be sure to become familiar with all the details of the plan here, specifically, keep in mind that the Springboard plan is ideal for development, but is not suitable for production purposes:

thanks Mark