Updating server code


After deploying production server code, all server code, including ones that are not changed responds with request time out.

I waited several hours, but still responds with time out.
Previously, server code was replaced right away, do you run some kind of task and deploy server code once every hour?
FYI, I did not run server code in debug mode, just deployed production.


Hi Scott!

Please provide your application id.

Hi Kate,

I emailed you app id.

Could you try it again?

It’s working. Is it a bug?
Server code should be deployed right away right?

Have you look into issue with message publish sending multiple push notification?
I just tried sending sending push with messaging.publish, and 3 pushes are received.

Hi Kate,

Regarding multiple push issue, it’s a redundant device registration problem - single device is registered to the same messaging channel multiple times with the same token, and as I checked messaging API, there’s no way to check for redundancy from client app.

If user does not remove the app, there’s no problem - client app can use registerDevice, unRegisterDevice, getRegistration to register, unregister, and get current registration.

The problem is, after deleting client iOS app.
I reinstalled and ran my app, and after logging in to Backendless with the same user id and having the same push token as previous installation, getRegistration and unregisterDeivce returns 5000, 5001 (not existing device), but device is still registered with the same device token to the same channel.
From there, calling registerDevice creates new deviceId with the same token, and push is sent multiple times (number of registrations).


Hi Scott!
I already created internal task for development team.
We will notify you about changes.

Thanks Kate!

Hi Scott,

This bug is fixed, you can get the fixed lib from github - https://github.com/Backendless/ios-SDK.
And now you need to add the AdSupport.framework to your project target.

Hi Slava,

Okay, l will try the new SDK, but why do I need AdSupport for? The SDK include anything related to advertisement?

We used
NSString *deviceId = [[ASIdentifierManager sharedManager].advertisingIdentifier UUIDString];
NSString *deviceId = [device.identifierForVendor UUIDString];
because if the app was removed identifierForVendor changes its value.

I see thanks.