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Updating User's Data gets Error: Unable to update user. Required fields are empty

Hi there!
I’m trying to update some user’s data from Dropsource with this API call:
PUT /data/Users/{objectId}

The call sends this data to the server:
{ “City” : “sdfg”, “email” : “”, “Mobile” : “456”, “Company” : “34325”, “Owner” : “sergsdf”, “Postcode” : “dfg”, “taxNumber” : “345425”, “Telephone” : “3452”, “password” : “”, “Adress” : “sdfgs”, “Country” : “sdf” }

In my UI the user is not able to change the email and password, and this is why Dropsource sends no value for Email and Password.

How can I exclude those properties from my request?

My APP ID is: 9171DE0B-E8E1-389D-FF48-60C0FD002A00

Hi Mario

I guess you need to ask it on Dropsource forum, because it’s out of our control.
Or, maybe you can add an “beforeDataUpdate” event handler and remove the properties from request payload

Regards, Vlad

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Another option is to modify the swagger doc by creating a duplicate route with a modified payload which does not contain the fields you do not need, and then import that swagger doc into dropsource.

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