Upload a file using API not marking complete

Task: Upload a file using API

I have finished this mission but it is not marking as complete. Every other mission is marked complete, even the mission where you have to delete the file uploaded in this mission. I don’t know what is wrong.


Are you executing this task with code or using Codeless?


With Codeless. Exactly how the video instructions.

Could you please record a loom video showing how you go about executing the task and share the link with us?

The instructions say this:
Missions - Backendless 2023-08-27 17-20-09

The file you uploaded is this:

Since the file name is different, the task is not marked as complete

The file name is superfast.html? The .pdf is the file type. Are you saying that the file type must be .html?

The complete file name must be superfast.html

There is no mention of the “file type”. The .html part in the filename is called “extension”.

Am I missing something here? The file is literally named “superfast.html”. I know this is the case because in the very next mission where you have to delete file named “superfast.html”, it allowed me to complete it. I don’t understand why it’s not marked complete.


Please try creating a new file and try again. It should look like this: