Upload file via Rest API

I’m try upload file via Rest API use Postman when i filled app_id, secret_key,content type for document and clicked send post api response message code {
“code”: 8011,
“message”: “The body is empty”
} . Please help me !


where did you get the rest url? Does it redirect to https://api.backendless.com/v1/files/images/sugar.png ?
Try with this url please and let me know if you encount this again.


Yesterday , i uploaded file via Rest api for redirect api https://api.backendless.com response success with a key fileUrl contain url file , But i clicked link file api response not founded resource

I do not understand the “redirect” part. Why don’t you communicate with Backendless directly?


I’ve got the same problem.
I’m trying to upload a file with jmeter and i’m getting a 8011 error : { “code”: 8011, “message”: “The body is empty” }.
( i’ve tested login, registration, user profiling, saving a message and it works just fine )
can anyone help me please ! thank you !

Hi, Cyrine!

In this documentation there is a curl sample request for uploading file via REST - https://backendless.com/documentation/files/rest/files_file_upload.htm
If it works for you, then your issue is related to jmeter, not Backendless.
Give it a try and tell how it works for you.

hi Anatolii ,
I’ve just tried the curl request and it works.