Upload file without using FileReference

As I see in the documentation of the API and the code of backendless for as3 I must use FileReference in order to upload a file. In my case I don’t need that, I’m trying to take a photo with the camera, store the data and then send it to the server directly. I can’t fill the data of FileReference directly without the browse operation, so I can’t send a file without using the REST API if I don’t want to use it.

Is it in the roadmap a kind of upload file that doesn’t use FileReference?

Thanks in advance

Yes! This is annoying, it makes it really hard to develop content creation apps, such as text editors etc. I want to write text files with Javascript but can only ‘upload’ File objects and only Chrome seems to have a FileWriter API.

See Dropbox’s Javascript Datastore API, that contains a writeFile() function that works wonders.