Upload image url longer than 500 swift

I am trying to upload image url into a table, It says the data is longer than 500

There is a limit of 500mb per file upload.

I am not trying to do file upload, I am trying to store the image data as a string

let imageData: NSData = UIImagePNGRepresentation(image.image!)!

What does the API call look like?

just trying to add it as a field in my table

let storeData = backendless.data.of(event.ofClass())

        response: {(result : AnyObject!) -> Void in

Does the table exist on the backend?

What is the data type of the field in the table? (on the server-side)

Yes it does, String

For String types maximum length is 500 characters.

Is there any other type that I can use?

Upload it as a file to the Backendless Hosting storage, the response will contain URL for the file which you can store as object property.

Tried that, The upload is taking time and how can I link my file to another table?

I have an events table which requires an image, how can I connect them?

How much data are you uploading? (in bytes)

You can connect an image with the data object through a URL.


24 megabytes would take time regardless whether you save in a table (which we do not allow) or do a file upload.

Ok. Can you tell me how to connect an image with data object?

I already did… upload bytes to the server to create a file. you will get URL back, store URL in the data object.

I got that, I have a form which has some data and image to upload, When I retrieve them, how can I do it correctly?

Do what correctly?

Oh, I got it. Thank you.