Upload isue

something wents wrong when uploading some error is occured

but after some minutes all works fine
i use savefile method for uploading


We need to have more information to be able to diagnose and ultimate fix the problem. For example, error id, sample code reproducing the issue any other details usually go a long way.


error appers with users.
can i get error code from backendless console ?

How do you upload users?

my users upload image from app they are not regestered users I mean app users

If you experience a problem with upload:

    create a REST request which does upload and see if there is an error. If there is no error, move on to the next step, if there is an error, stop here and send us the details of the REST request. create an upload sample using the SDK your app uses and see if there is an error. If there is, stop here and share the same with us, otherwise move on to the next step. Since you could not duplicate the problem with either REST nor native SDK, see if there are any differences between the way your code in the app does it and the way samples from (1) and (2) work.
Regards, Mark