Upload multiple image files

I want to upload multiple image files or any file for that matter and relate those group of files to one object.
How do i achieve it in backendless ?

Hi Fasbian,

Multiple file upload is currently not supported. To related a group of files to one objects you can do one of the following:

    Upload all files related to one object to a directory. Create a property in the object (or column in the table) which will contain the URL of the directory. To get a list of all the files, you can use the [url=https://backendless.com/documentation/files/android/file_directory_listing.htm]directory listing API[/url]. Create a separate table which will contain records consisting of file URL. Let's call that table MyFiles. Then create a one-to-many relationship (in console) between your objects' table and MyFiles. On the client side, you would have a class for your objects and another class corresponding to the MyFiles table. Your object would contain a collection of MyFiles instances. Each MyFiles object would contain the URL of a file.
Hope this helps.


Thanks you :slight_smile:

Are there any plans to add this feature in the near future?

Not at the moment.

How to create one to many relationship in tables?


See this:

Thank you Sir,
its a very nice and easy example for freshers.

Is it still not supported?

Hi @Volodymyr_Humnytskiy!

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunatelly Backendless still doesn’t support multifile upload. We have this feature in our backlog and we will add it in one of our future releases.
As bypass you can follow advice that was described above in this topic.

Regards, Andriy

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